Trading has Ended

  • Trading often ends before the real-world event ends.  This is because our goal at ProphetShares is to predict the Outcomes, not report them.
  • Once a correct Outcome for an Event is known, ProphetShares will resolve that Event.  You will receive P$ 100 for every share of the correct Outcome you owned when the Event ended.  All shares of the incorrect Outcome(s) will expire with a value of P$ 0.
  • P$ received from a resolved Event can be used to predict other Events that remain open in that Contest.
  • After all Events in a Contest have been resolved, ProphetShares will resolve the Contest.
  • When the Contest is resolved, all players in that contest will be ranked by their ending P$ balance, with the highest P$ balance granted 1st place; second highest, 2nd place, and so on.
  • Top players in each Contest will receive prize tokens.  Please refer to the Contest Details page for contest-specific payout information.
  • To learn more about prize tokens, see our guide on P$ and Prize Tokens.