The basics

ProphetShares is based on 3 components:  Contests, Events & Outcomes


  • What you enter
  • Where you compete
  • Cover multiple Events


Contests are...
  • Upcoming real-world events
  • Often shown as a question
  • Can cover numerous topics


Contests are...
  • Potential outcomes to Events
  • What you predict
  • Only one will be correct

Making PredictionS IS EASY

Proving you know what you're talking about...more challenging
  • For each Contest you enter, you receive P$ (our in-house money) to play with.
  • Your goal is to have the highest P$ balance when the contest ends.
  • Choose which Events in that Contest you think you can predict.
  • Use your P$ to buy shares of your predicted Outcome(s).
  • Not sure?  Buy a little.  Super confident?  Load up!
  • Outcome share prices move up and down based on the popularity of each Outcome.
  • Use your knowledge & skills to grow your Contest balance.
  • Buy more.  Sell some.  Move your P$ to a different Event.  The strategy is yours.

How Do You Win?

Grow your Contest balance.  It's all about the P$!
  • After the real-life event has ended, ProphetShares will settle the Event.
  • You will receive P$ 100 for each share of the correct Outcome you held when the Event closed.
  • You will not receive P$ for shares of any incorrect Outcomes you held when the Event closed.
  • When the Contest ends, the player with the highest Contest balance gets 1st place.  Second highest gets 2nd place, etc.  Payout information is available on each Contest details page.
  • The top players in each Contest who earn payouts will receive Prize Tokens.  Prize Tokens do not expire and can be exchanged for prizes.