Buying Shares

  • You make predictions by buying shares of Outcomes you think will come true.  The amount you invest in that Outcome should reflect your level of confidence in that Outcome becoming correct.
  • To buy shares, click the desired Outcome on the Event card.
  • The transaction screen defaults to “Buy” and “# of Shares” — you can buy either a set number of shares or a specific dollar amount.
  • Enter the number of shares or $ amount you wish to buy.  Note:  you cannot invest your entire balance on a single Outcome.  The maximum you can invest may vary by contest and will be displayed on the transaction screen.
  • Review the Buy Order Preview and if everything looks good, click Buy Shares.
  • Note that the current price listed for a share is the price for a single share.  As more shares are purchased, each additional share will be priced marginally higher.  For example, if you buy 100 shares of an Outcome priced at P$ 50, the total transaction cost will be more than P$ 5,000 because only the first share was P$ 50; the 100th share cost a bit more.
  • After submitting your order, a confirmation of your purchase will be displayed.   When you close the confirmation window, you’ll once again see the Event cards and the Event on which you just made a prediction will be updated to reflect the new total of outstanding shares and your total holdings in that Event.
  • Also note that the prices of each Outcome in that Event have also changed.  When shares of an Outcome are purchased, the price of that Outcome goes up and the price for the other Outcome(s) in that Event goes down.  The same is true in reverse:  when a share of an Outcome is sold; the share price of that Outcome goes down and the share price for the other Outcome(s) in that Event goes up.
  • At ProphetShares, you are encouraged to actively monitor your predictions while the Event is open.  If you become more confident in your prediction, you can buy more shares.   If you become less confident, you can sell some or all of your shares.  As long as the Event is open, you may make as many buy and/or sell transactions as you like.
  • To learn more about selling shares, see our guide on Selling Shares..