Entering Contests

  • Contests are what you enter in order to predict, compete and win prizes.  They are grouped into three buckets:  
  • Available Contests:  Contests that you have not entered but are open or will open soon.
  • Active Contests:  Contests that you have entered and have not yet been resolved.
  • Contest History:  Contests that you entered, are closed and resolved
  • The Contest card provides some basic information about the Contest
  • Click on the Contest card to see more details about the Contest, including:
  • The maximum number of entries and how many players have already entered
  • A list of the Events in the Contest
  • A breakdown of the prize payouts
  • A list of who has entered
  • The rules governing the Contest
  • To enter the Contest, click the Enter Contest button and confirm that you want to enter
  • Once you've entered the Contest, you’ll see the list of Events which you can predict.  
  • You’ll also see your starting P$ balance.  P$ are a virtual currency (or play money) that you will use to make predictions in this Contest.
  • Super Contests
  • A Super Contest is a collection of related Contests.  There are two signficant differences from regular Contests.
  • When you enter a Super Contest, you have the option to be automatically entered into all related Contests that are part of that Super Contest.
  • In a Super Contest, you do not start with P$ and there is no buying & selling.   Success in the Super Contest is determined by the cumulative sum of the ending balances from each of the related Contests.