P$ and Prize tokens

  • P$
  • P$ are a virtual currency, or play money used at ProphetShares.
  • P$ are used when buying and selling shares of Outcomes to make your predictions.
  • All players start a Contest with the same amount of P$.
  • Your goal in every Contest is to have the highest P$ balance when the Contest ends.
  • When a Contest ends, your P$ balance is used to determine how well you did relative to all other players in that Contest.  The player with the highest P$ balance will be awarded 1st place; the player with the second highest P$ balance will be awarded 2nd place, and so on.
  • P$ are only good for that Contest - they do not carry over to other Contests.
  • Prize Tokens
  • Prize Tokens are awarded to the top players in each Contest.  A breakdown of how prize tokens are awarded is listed in the Payouts section on the Contest Details page.
  • Once earned, Prize Tokens are yours and they do not expire.  Your Prize Token balance is available from your Dashboard.
  • While Prize Tokens have no actual cash value, they can, at certain levels, be exchanged for gift cards.  More information on this can be found on the Prize Token Exchange, accessible from your Account menu.
  • To learn how to grow your P$ balance and earn Prize Tokens, see our guide on Predicting Events.