Predicting Events

  • After you've entered a Contest, you'll see the Event cards.   Events are often in the form of a question and there are many events in each Contest.
  • You do NOT have to predict every Event but a valid Contest entry requires at least two predictions.
  • Each Event card has important information about that Event.  Including…
  • The Event name - which is the topic or question that you try to answer
  • The possible answers, which we call Outcomes and the current price of each Outcome
  • The total number of shares that all players collectively own for this Event
  • Your holdings which are the # of shares you own for this Event
  • To make a prediction, you buy shares of Outcomes you think will come true.  The amount you invest in that Outcome should reflect your level of confidence in that Outcome becoming correct.
  • Outcomes trade in a range of P$ 0 to P$ 100.  Buy low, sell high - that's the name of the game.  
  • Once a correct Outcome for an Event is known, ProphetShares will resolve that Event.  You will receive P$ 100 for every share of the correct Outcome you owned when the Event ended.  All shares of the incorrect Outcome(s) will expire with a value of  P$ 0.
  • Your goal in every Contest is to have the highest P$ balance when the Contest ends.
  • For more information on making predictions, see our guide on Buying Shares.